KT100 w/ L&T 1 disc dry clutch. I have a problem. 😳

I bought a used Birel cadet with a Woltjer KT100 to get my son into karting. I know the KT100 isn’t used in Jersey at the club level but I wanted to use it to get my son seat time before buying a MiniRok. I sent the clutch back to L&T for a rebuild and they did an amazing job in the turn around since there’s only a couple of weekends left. But I think the problem is on my end. It seems like the KT100 is screaming but the kart is barely moving. Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m not sure on the specifics of adjusting the L&T, and their website doesnt seem to have a lot in the way of troubleshooting.

Could you take a video of the kart trying to move off?

How about the key/keyway on the crank. Are you satisfied that they are in good shape?

Could just be a matter of it being out of adjustment. If so, turning in the screws should bring the RPM engagement down.

Here’s L&T’s Mini manual: http://www.ltmfg.com/misc/ltminimanual.pdf


I run kt100’s and L&T clutches. The stall speed on a KT is really high by default. 4 strokes come in right off idle, TAG’s stall around 5000rpm, KT’s stall at like 8-10k depending on exhaust and only rev to about 14k.

Run the Allen heads all the way to the right until there is no more spring pressure on them and they turn freely.

Then back them out to the left until they start to grab tension, then turn another 1/2 turn to the left. This should set the stall pretty low for a KT…but that’s prob still around 7800-8000rpm.

Adjust counter clockwise from there to increase stall speed. For racing you want them around 8600-8800 for a can exhaust.

KT’s can be a little difficult for new drivers because of the stall speed. You have to be committed to the gas to get them locked up. If they aren’t confident and don’t stay on the gas they will constantly be slipping and you’ll burn up clutches pretty quick.

P.s. KT’s also don’t idle for squat either when the carbs are setup for racing so don’t worry if you can’t get the thing to idle either. Jr carb is a little easier but not much.

If it’s a big carb (wb3a$ and He’s just learning search for Steve O’hara’s Easy idle setup and set the carb up that way so at least it’s a little easier to use.

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Thanks for that, not sure how I missed it.