KT100 Won’t start - Flooding With Fuel

Im now getting fuel coming out the air filter intake. I replaced the intake needle. Got a couple pops trying to start but the just seems to folld out. Im stumped. Should the tube coming from the crank case to the carburetor have fuel in it??? Or just air pressure??. There is some fuel in it.

I’m confused, but I’m old. I don’t recall a pulse line on a KA100.

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There should not be a line from crankcase to carb on a kA, do you mean kT? KT100 has a pulse line, but the KA does not.

Yes KT 100 . Pulse line has some fuel in it.

Yes fuel in pulse line and the more i try fuel getting into pipe also

No . Its the KT 100. Sorry must have been a typo

What are your carb settings? Pop off pressure? Turn the low speed (T screw) all the way in, and back out 1-1.5 full turn.

If you have fuel in the pulse line it means the crankcase is flooding with fuel. Put a new spark plug in it, and start it. Do not give any throttle for atleast 2 seconds after the starter box is engaged. Once its fired, adjust your low speed needle to bring RPM down.

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Thanks everyone for you comments. I put a brand new carb on ant it fired right up perfectly. Guess ill send the old one out for a good deep cleaning and rebuild. Thanks