KYT helmets

Just wanted to ask for your opinion, looking to buy a new helmet. Small budget, up to 100 dollars/euros. A nice option is KYT helmet that can be bought in a local motorstore/shop. Model is venom. I was wondering if any of you used/are using KYT helmets and what can you say about them? Thanks

Hmm. It’s an Indonesian brand. Don’t know much about it. It’s hard to tell if it’s a legit helmet.

Everyone here is gonna tell ya to spend real money on your helmet and for good reason. That being said, you are doing rental karts so I’m guessing that DOT certification or equivalent is standard for that.

Take a look at the Bell Qualifier. It’s cheap, has lots of cool sticker kit options, and is a road legal motorcycle helmet that meets or exceeds DOT requirements.

I personally would prefer to apply some sort of certification standard to what I wear on my noggin.

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Get the safest helmet you can afford.

Although I am genuinely interested in the value of a Motorsport specific helmet, in your budget just maximise safety.

Thanks for the suggestion guys. I just searched a bit and found that these KYT helmets do have DOT certification. Also, the one I was looking in particular was 160$ but discounted to like 80$, so not sure, it could be a “fake” one but, yeah, not sure, it is one of the biggest motor shop/stores in the town as well. I agree with you on the point that I should get the safest one I can so I will go through all the possible options.

The thing is, my parents don´t really agree on buying a helmet, they find it unnecessary as I get one to use for free at the track, so it will be a fight to get any helmet, let alone something over 100$… I don´t think they understand that I would like to do this more seriously, not just going for a Sunday drive once in every few weeks…

I will be looking to get one before the next season starts, so I got some time to chose and to convince them I hope. Maybe for Christmas.

Tell your parents that if you have your own helmet it’s much safer.

You don’t know how much the rental helmets have been dropped or otherwise abused.

It’s not a bad idea to have your own. Also, people have hair boogers.

Explain to them that there’s no telling what condition or how safe those public helmets are. Over time, sweat and the element break down a helmet’s interior padding and could compromise the safety if they aren’t well taken care of. Not to mention, any time that helmet’s been dropped by other drivers could result in a weakening of the shell and also compromise safety.

It’s important to have quality equipment that you yourself can care for and make sure is in proper condition.

Complete aside but since we talking helmets… Pavle, look at what TJ does professionally… he’s a well known helmet painter…



I am really trying, but they think this: “You will use it 3-4 times a year, why would you spend your 100$ on something that you will not use”

I will buy it anyways for sure, during winter holidays, they can´t say no for Christmas :smile:

That helmet painting looks so good, incredible :heart_eyes:

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I have a feeling TJ posted this a while back on another thread but take a look at this before buying a cheap DOT helmet.

It only takes one hit and there’s more to hit indoor karting.

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Dumb question but I’ve never figured this out. What is the little black slider thing for?


Keeps the shield from getting damaged by rubbing up against the metal screw.

Thanks. Sometimes it’s a simple answer. I assumed it was a lever.

Ok that’s terrifying. Did not realize dot was honor code. Definitely buy from a big brand name.

You’ve been going to the track a least every few days lately. That seems to be more than 3-4 times a year to me. It only take one hit to make a helmet unsafe, and they can still look fine ascetically. I wasn’t keen on playing the helmet lottery at the track when it’s my head that would be the big loser if it all went wrong.

Liam’s list is helpful. It looks like they try to differentiate quality levels of the less expensive ones.

So basically, no one wants you to buy a cheap lid. So do the next best thing and find stuff that’s deeply on sale. For example:

Tricky part is fit. Helmets are supposed to fit snugly and are not comfortable really until the liner breaks in a bit. Sorta hard to tell when new if fit is good.

Aren’t they also designed so the shield and helmet itself don’t rub? The black plasticy bit is thicker then the shield and the (in your case) purple washer is thicker then the shield

Yeah, I know that, but they think it is one of the phases which you go through when you grow up, like when you are 7 years old and say “mom, I wanna play football and be the best”, to which they say okay, but laugh quietly. They think I will get bored of this. Anyways, I don´t trust rental helmets and I agree with safety first of course. I mean they will knock some lightweight parts off if they hit me somehow, but serious impact - no way. So I will get the best I can, but again, I can´t do more than 100$, no way, at least for now.

@NikG I like that comparison, it shows pretty simply what is the difference between those fake and cheap ones and some more serious one.

Correct also. (20chars)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Snell rated helmet I’d look at Zamp.

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When i got back into karting as an adult i looked everywhere to find a “cheap” helmet. End result of a quality for price helmet was hands down Zamp. They arent heavy and are made for the job. Its still not a cheap price in some peoples minds but for the price its the cheapest you can get without sacrificing safety. I saved the extra dollars over time and bought one, zero regrets.