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So a friend watching my KZ laps said I should be more pointy in the KZ. Am I really supposed to straight line apexes in KZ? This seems to contradict everything I know. Why would I force the kart straight in turn in?

I don´t think he is correct for your situation. If what he says is truth, then your laptimes would be impacted quite heavily and you would gain over a second, for sure.

I don´t think that is possible, especially as you are No.5 right now. Logic tells me that if something like that is possible, everyone would be doing it and you would not be even close to the best drivers.

As has been discussed before on here, the KZ has power and gears that the single-speed kart does not, so you can shorten up all your entry points, make the track shorter, and still dig hard off the corner because of all the power and gearing. Why wouldn’t you want to make the track shorter if you could?

Holding the inside rear up and off the ground in a smooth arc is less important in a gearbox kart because you aren’t penalized as harshly for scrubbing off speed.

All that being said, keep in mind you are playing KartKraft, not driving a real kart so it’s not 100% accurate. Always take what happens in KK with a grain of salt for that reason. Plus, the leaderboard times aren’t being set by the KZ world-class drivers.

One thing I learnt about simming working in the coaching arena is there’s a whole world of difference between being real life quick and ‘wr sim quick’. This is purely my feeling about experience and isn’t scientific, but whenever i’ve gone world record chasing you start to forget about any particular techniques. You just focus on the exact configuration for hour and hours and hours on end, trying to find anything that could be exploited within that configuration. For example, in KartKraft as soon as I start to exploit certain things within this sim which are outside acceptable parameters for ‘reality’ I stop.

So if you just want to chase world records on sims then take with a pinch of salt anything tips something gives you from the real world. What I generally try and do now is reach a point on a sim driving a way which I think reflects reality and am reasonably fast.


So true Alan. Lots of times in a sim, you’re driving to the sim’s particular quirks to be fast in the sim, when reality adheres to some different rules. That’s why not every “alien” on iRacing has an F1 contract.

Basically what Alan said. It’s true that IRL in shifters you will often take a much sharper approach to tighter turns, almost going beyond the traditional apex and arcing back to make full use of the acceleration available.

Like anything though, it’s worth experimenting to see what works whether it’s IRL or Simming.

The most sobering part is when these drivers finally set a time only for it to get destroyed by alien sim racers. Depressing :smile:

True that. I’d need to see a top level guys lap to understand what is meant by driving pointier.

It makes no intuitive sense not rounding off corners. It doesn’t conserve momentum at all.

It isn’t a top-down view, but you can see the general attitude of the drivers’ karts with the lines they take in this video:

Compare to a video of OK Junior (single-speed) and you can see the attitude of the kart is much more progressive with rounder arcs:

Different tracks, but it’s more about the style and technique that’s visible rather than overlaying two lines.

Thanks TJ!

Those were helpful. I put the question to Tanguy and he said basically for WR chasing, the pointy driving not as relevant. He stated that the ability to V corners is more relevant to racing (passing etc).

Would you agree or disagree? Sim world.

<@!568232852743913473> well yeah, but it is not the fastest. It is just that you can do it to defend or overtake and you wont lose much time… But on a quali mode, it wont work (will be slower)

Agree. You can definitely be more pointy in a KZ and go faster, but the extremely V-shaped lines you see are more racing lines to defend the entry rather than qualifying lines, as Tanguy noted.

Still, the KZ line is going to be more V-shaped than the OK/X30/single-speed line. Even if you watch that KZ video I posted, Hajek is driving pretty V-shaped while unchallenged for most of the race.

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Got it Thanks! :golfing_man::golfing_man::golfing_man:

Is this KartKraft? The track map is South Garda which isn’t available in KK only Kart Racing Pro.

The track map is South Garda from TKart magazine. Dom plays KartKraft, but he’s just showing the map as a comparison between the two lines.

Yikes, I anticipate a DMCA takedown shortly haha

It will be an odd day when you get a cease and desist over a karting video.

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It’s happened believe it or not :joy:

Oh by the way TJ, understood finally.

I now get it. I’m not generally doing v for TT but I have stumbled across it a few times now and can see exactly what you mean. You literally can point to apex, stand kart on nose, rotate and v power out. Totally odd.

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