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I am researching the purchase of a NEW KZ engine. I have noted that direct from overseas is almost $2,000.00 les than in the US. Are the engines from overseas the same? I will not be competing in any strictly regulated races. I am part of a local club which does not have any restriction except for 125cc THATS ALL, THANKS.

Engines are exactly the same and there is no rule for KZ that would force you to buy it from an official importer. So you can resell it to a racer or race it yourself, either way.

HOWEVER, compliance with EPA, customs/import rules, fees, support etc is all on you if you buy direct

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Thanks very much Andy.

I really love the usa market that has to do with karting or motorsport in general . But the prices is very much higher that the everage europe price for the same stuff .

Why is this happening ? Maybe because of the better payroll we can earn in,the states ???

So many things i like to buy . But so pricey…

I have a feeling it has much more to do with taxes and mark up than anything else. Don’t get me wrong I would love to support local businesses however a 2K difference in price is something else.


Given that it’s product of over $500 you should expect to pay duty on arrival in the US. Honestly, unless you really know your stuff for KZ. The most prudent way to go might be a used, but fully rebuilt unit from a reputable builder stateside. Gives you a resource to bounce ideas off when the engine isn’t running quite right etc.

Also, since it’s not for competition would you consider something lie the Vortex RoK which offers lower overall maintenance cost.

To emphasize the duty aspect of things…

Not to scaremonger too much… but this can even include confiscation of your engine. I have not heard of that happening, however customs do have the power to do so if they wish. Just be aware before taking the chance on importing without going through all the red tape of gaining an off road EPA import license (I forget the correct terminology).


I have a 2021 Birelart and a 2022 Cosmic that are currently powered by ROK’s I am looking for KZ specifically, thanks.




Well thats a goodmorning warren !!

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