KZ fuel pump

Wondering if anyone knows why most of the KZ engines seem to use the round Mikuni fuel pump with the two outlets? The Rok shifter I’m used to uses the dellorto pump, and wondering if that will feed a KZ well enough or I should get the Mikuni one for my KZ.

Dellorto pump will be fine on the KZ.

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I figured as much, but even the Vortex KZ’s seem to use the Mikuni so figured I’d see if anyone had any experience with both and pros and cons.

The round Mikuni is cheaper and also easier to rebuild. Those smaller parts on the Dellorto are a bitch to replace.

TM typicalky fits the Mikuni on the their KZ line.


But for reasons unknown to me, they outfit the KZ10 ES series with the Del Orto. Go figure. The isolator bracket the Del Orto is mounted to also holds the ignition box, so everything associated with the engine is with it, which is nice from a packaging perspective, & being rubber isolated, vibration to the unit is dampened, so there’s that.

I actually didn’t like the pump orientation on the bracket, so I made an interface to rotate it 90 degrees to make the routing of all the pulse pump & fuel lines slightly more direct & shorter.