KZ Shifter Engine for sale - TM R1 Black Power - With spares [SOLD]

Used TM R1 for sale, including few spares.

7 hours in total on the engine, 1 hour on the top end. This is the Black power version, it’s a factory prep in its latest iteration (same as Titan - R1A head and flat piston).

Comes in the original TM box with all the bits you get from new, including tuned/polished carb. Never had an issue, no damage anywhere, of course 1st piston size, looked after really well and ready to run.

$3,200 Engine kit - Same as new (engine, carb, exhaust, silencer. Incl. new standard equipment plug)
$3,500 as above, with extra spares
-Used fuel pump and mount (same hours as the engine)
-New reed kit
-New clutch discs
-New inner clutch basket, actuating rod and outer basket rubbers
-Base gaskets of various thicknesses
-Spare motor mount

Selling only because I’m switching brand, new partnership.

Engine available in about 3 weeks due to my travel schedule. Price is for pickup in SOCAL, but can be shipped at buyer’s expense.


why do they polish the carb?

In theory it reduces turbulence and increases flow. In reality it’s probably akin to a paint protection program or extended warranty that a car dealership may sell to you, i.e. it makes them more money :laughing:. That said, I am currently using a polished carb. Some race teams I know use the polished one, while others use the standard one.

Anyone interested in a KZ should jump on this motor. Great price, and Andy has detailed his maintenance process in various posts, so there should be no mistaking that the buyer is getting a great piece here.


Timing is everything. I would have already purchased it if the timing aligned with the :moneybag::money_mouth_face:

They polish to make it look better making you think its faster I doubt you would see any difference on a stop watch my opinion only

It’s debatable, I agree. I mentioned it because the top factory prep R1 engines from TM come with the polished version, which is also more expensive (I believe around $350 vs $250, from IM)

To some it’s worth it, to others it’s not as there are few opposite theories out there as to what the polishing does before the valve.

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