Kz2 weight race ready

Thinking about coming back to karting with KZ2. Only concern is that will i make the weight bechause i have gained quite bit off muscle.

How much do the most popular prand karts (Crg,Birel,Tonykart) weight race ready with out any ballast?

How much do you weight right now? From cik is 175kg with driver.

Kart with fuel is about 100 kg. You need to be light to make weight at those limits. Luckily, it’s not as important as the other categories

I weigh around 84kg and im going to compete in national series that has combined weight 180kg.

Im interested in how heavy is the kart by it self race ready?

From memory a KZ kart is around 200lbs\90KG.

I think that is the “dry” weight, maybe with coolant but without fuel

Factory X1-23 with an IAME Screamer 4 package on it is 202 lbs (91 kg) with coolant and oil but without fuel.

Yeah basically end of race weight is my thought… if you’re a heavier set driver.

@KartingIsLife 90kg seems light, mine must be a real pig. I was weighing in at 200kg last year, when I weighed 92kg, without any kit.

Weighing in at 92kg this year with suit and helmet. So assuming I will come in at 192kg. Another 12kg to loose. Weight limit is 180kg.

What chassis,engine and bodywork where you running?

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It was a k9c, wildkart warrior. I can’t remember what the bodywork was…. But to that point we didn’t have to run the full plastic rear bumper (road racing). Close enough to a KG there I would say?

Never crossed my mind, that the new plastic style bumpers were heavier than the chrome ones. I suppose all these things add up.

What years were you active in Ireland?

Ireland from 97-01. But that was all 100cc direct drive stuff. I ran KZ in the US from about 09 to 13 give or take. For some reason long circuit racing was more liberal on rear bumpers. We didn’t have to run the wind sail plastic ones, in fact we didn’t even need to have the hoops that covered the rear wheels. (Except for WKA, I think they had a full metal or plastic bumper rule)

Ahh fair , did my first race in 05 in mini max. Dabbled in F.A but I really didnt have the budget or knowledge for it. Loved the drive of the 100cc motors, but my lack of knowledge on jetting etc at a young age didnt allow me to get the engines working at all, in comparison to the rotax max.

I often was more afraid to touch the carb incase I seized the engine. Not a way to go racing!

Sold 3 F.A engine for 800, carbs exhausts rad the lot back in the recession circa 08/09. You bearly could give them away at the time. Basically paper weights.

FA\ICA\FSA were definitely a difficult thing to figure out yourself, especially as a kid/teen. They punished your wallet (or worse) for any mistakes. Even just getting them started was a pain if you started out with an old junker. 75% heartache as a privateer. I spent more time trackside than anything for the first couple of years for sure. Learned a TON though and made some great friends. They were true uncompromising and extreme racing machines… Which is why the class went away. You needed to be a bit of a masochist to play the carb and choke roulette game, especially with the aircooled. I always felt like they never really gave much warning with detonation\pinking. They just straight locked up.

I still have a Vortex VR98 and a PCR TSV95 Testarossa which I picked up in the US about ten years ago. My DSD from the 90’s is trashed. Typing this out I wonder why I have a 206 on the kart. Don’t get me wrong, it’s served me well but those 100’s were special.

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Those air cooled karts of the late 90’s are a thing of beauty. The noise in itself of the air cooled engine was special, even the Jica karts.

My first “racing” kart was a frankenstein kart, I’m still not sure what it was. The chassis plate was stamped yamaha, it looked like a tkm chassis. I bought off the buy and sell paper, came with a kt100 that was shot, no side pods or plastics, just chrome nerf bars. Like the 80’s karts.

I bought a JICA engine from philip gorden and whacked it on, think it was a vortex, tommy motorsport tuned.

I can still remember my first go in at when I was 12, I was just like holy fuck and never lifted! To this day I still think in a straight line it was much quicker than the formula a karts i drove in later years. Similar to the kz kart I have now in a straight line or felt like it. It must have only weighed 70/80kg with me included. It wasn’t much bigger than a cadet kart chassis. It actually had cadet front rims and wider rears.

Is the 206 the briggs and stratton motor? Is that similar to the new T4 karts?