L0206/ ka100 mpg

Hello I have two questions first one is how fast would a lo206 consume gasoline (mpg)
and the second is the same as the first but with a ka100
Thank you

206 is a low output motor, probably zero difference in power, arguably could make even less power than pump fuel.

KA would likely respond a little, if nothing else you’ll have a little more headroom on carb tuning.

Hey Ben, are you asking for a Mpg estimate for lo206 on pump gas and ka100 on vp race fuel?

I’d imagine it varies somewhat depending on track (time going straight as opposed to turns) but I’m sure someone here can provide a decent guess.

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Yes that is correct thenk you The track is speedsportz if anyone has been there

I use rental endurance karts for longer races and we generally can do a 6 hr race with 2 stops… so we’d fuel at 2 and 4 hrs in approx.

@tankyx got a better answer given that you used to work at a track?

I would assume a Honda gx270 and lo06 have similar fuel consumption being approximately the same power.

I can say with certainty that the KA uses more than the 206. If you are deciding between the two classes remember the KA prefers higher octane gas of 98 RON and quality 2-stroke oil. The 206 specs 87 pump gas which is 91 RON.

My son and I raced KA this season and If my records are correct we each used about .75 - 1 gallon per race day on our half-mile track when we raced a practice, qualifying, prefinal, and final.

SpeedSportz is in Houston where 98RON gas is just “93 octane premium” at every station

Our Honda GX200s consume just under 2l/hr in endurance racing, so I think is fair to put a 206 somewhere in the ballpark of 2.5l/h or ~55MPG (assuming 231cubic inch Freedom unit Gallons)

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KA uses 4x as much fuel as a 206 over a race day.

We race KA there on a regular basis. KA is going to use much more gas than an LO any day. While you’re comparing a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke, one of the biggest keys to difference in fuel usage will be in the RPM difference between each motor. The lowest RPM the KA will have at Speedsportz is still higher than the highest RPM an LO will turn. We regularly turn 16k on our KA there. I don’t know our exact mpg because it’s not something I worry about during a race. At the last race there, we used somewhere between 2 to 2.5 gallons for 66 laps across the day.

We used most of the fuel that a cadet Birel will hold in a 1 hour endurance race. I think it holds less than a gallon, so I think we got about 50 MPG.

Yep sorry I don’t have an answer for the 206 and the KA100

Thanks everyone all of your responses were very helpfull !!

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For some reason I thought the MPG was a typo. I don’t think you’d see much of a change due to the fuel, maybe you could run the KA leaner with the leaded fuel but it’s hard to know really.

We’ve ran both leaded (VP MS98l) and unleaded fuel (Aspen Sport), and don’t really notice much difference in the tuning of the needles. If the leaded is leaner, it’s not by more than 1/16 of a turn.

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In my experience, the KA doesn’t like lean. I have had 2 strokes that really zing when leaned out, the KA doesn’t do that.


I’m trying to figure out if this discussion is about MPG per the OP or the effects of differerent fuels in regards to mileage.
I assume it’s MPG as that was the question, I’ve never thought about, how long you can run on a tank is all I need to know. MPG???

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I run 206 at 385 lbs. With a nearly full tank ( i use the smaller kg cadet tanks) i can do about 40 to 50 miles. So tops 50/.75 = 66 mpg. Bottom 53 mpg

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