L206 ? Animal?

I recently bought my first Kart and the Motor I was told was a L206 but on the front of the Motor there is a Sticker that says ANIMAL? What do i have? it is a pull start.


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Hey David (Laurence?).

It’s a common question.

The Animal is a “base product” or the parent motor if you like. It performs roundabout the same as the 206. It’s often raced in stock or modified animal classes. But it is not eligible for 206.

The 206 (Previously called the LO206) starts out as an Animal at Briggs, it then undergoes additional tolerance checks and preparation. Finally it is serialized for the 206 program and crankcase seals added before it’s shipped out.

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If it has cabled seals on the bolts its a 206, otherwise its an Animal.

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