Lambda Sensor for Lo206

Im going to go ahead and say that its probably not allowed since Ive never seen one before on an Lo206…

that and the fact you would have to modify the exhaust pipe…

But does anyone know for sure if its possible to use a Lambda(air/fuel) sensor on an lo206

I don’t see why running a sensor would be banned. You’re not running EFI where your air-fuel mixture is trimmed in a feedback loop. If anything, you’re adding a slight exhaust restriction. If they do happen to be banned, you could also use it as a tool for testing during practices to better understand your carb setup relative to environmental conditions.

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Yes, it is. I just don’t fell like linking to it.

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Al is speaking more to two strokes regarding EGT where it has more efficacy.

For a 206, I know folks have used AFR sensors on the dyno, and/or testing.

But for racing it would require an illegal modification to the 206 exhaust.

Recording air density vs carb settings (especially float) might be worthwhile.

Lets stay on topic please…
Practical application of Lambda\O2 with a Briggs 206.

By all means discuss EGT’s benefits in a separate topic.

Hi Al, yes I manage and host the forums which are run by the community.

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Even a screenshot would help for context.