Lap Snap App and using with Mychron 5

Anyone use Lap snap with there Mychron 5?

Adding link for the curious

Off and on yes. I haven’t checked it recently. As it was missing some data to really help it be useful.

What kind of data was it missing?

temperature data. Lap time is great, but being able to check egt/water temp is also a nice feature.

I have tried it, but no matter what i do icant get the app to Connect to the laptimer, i have tried both IPhone and iPad, am using Mychron 5

Yea, i wasn’t impressed when I tried it last. I know there are advances made since then, but i didn’t keep up.

I couldn’t get it to connect to my Mychron 5 for the life of me. I know it’s not the Mychron because I can connect to it just fine with Race Studio from in the house and the Kart out in my garage. iPhone literally right next to it…Wi-Fi on Mychron changed to busy like it was trying to connect but the Lap Snap app kept timing out. I just gave up.