Lap standard deviation during race

So I just finished my first race weekend (1st, 2nd, rained out for the main heat for points, took 1st points based on pull number) and have been examining my data. I have been pounding it into my head that consistency is key over winter so I’ve been paying attention to the standard deviation of the 10 lap heats and managed a 0.96 second SD (which I am fairly proud of as new to karting) but I am curious as to what is considered good. Google didn’t help a whole lot, I have to assume that top drivers are likely cutting that number in half, even when including the laps before the tires come in as I did

Any thoughts?


Throwout (disable in lap manager) the first lap, lap #4, and your times look consistent for a new driver. The outlier distorts the avg and stdv. I think consistency is 1) good so you can systematically find areas to improve and 2) relative to your own history at first. Hope that helps.

Agree, you’ve got some outliers in there that are skewing it a bit. Disable those laps as Alex said and you’ll see a clearer picture.

We use the theoretical lap function a lot to see how consistent a driver is. Real good drivers are usually within .1 or .2 of their optimal lap, every lap. I usually set up 3-5 splits depending on track.

Your hot laps look pretty consistent, so I’d say it’s a good job for your first event.

I just looked at mine for comparison from the ICP Cup a few weekends ago. Disabling lap 1 my stdv is 0.3. Ignoring the last three laps when I backed off its 0.2. I probably took too long to get up to speed, I didn’t hit my stride till lap 5 to get within 1 tenth of my fastest lap.

Ignoring your first lap you’re at 0.3. From lap 6 on you’re at 0.11. Good going.

Well thanks guys, that’s encouraging! My plan was to be consistent before starting to experiment with tire pressures and really anything beyond gearing, maybe I can start sooner than I thought.

Also, I can’t seem to get the theoretical lap to display properly; I think I messed the map up when trying to split it into only 3 sections instead of 5 (thought it would be easier for me to understand; but now I find myself wanting to know more about specific turns so the 5 would be helpful), does anyone know how I would change it back to the default split sections?

I’m not positive but I think you need to start a new track map if you want to change the splits.

I think the sectors are created automatically in the map manager menu. One of davins videos called something like “understanding map manager” or “creating a track map”, I think goes into this.

But in map manager, you can edit sectors.