Large Selection of sim racing gear for sale - Fanatec

Location: Jax Fl, can ship at buyers expense.

Price see details, willing to bundle

Details: large assortment of fanatec sim racing gear.

1x Fanatec DD2 with original box, plug, e stop and torque key (retails for $1500) selling for $1000, base has less than 150 hours on it. Price - $1000

1x Fanatec club sport wheel base v2.5 with original box MISSING TWO SCREWS ON SHAFT, PERFORMS JUST FINE. Price - $250

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 1x Fanatec club sport f1 wheel in silver and black carbon - Price - SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 1x. Forza motor sport wheel with universal hub for Xbox one. Price - SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 1x Fanatec F1 wheel gold and carbon with original box and advanced paddle module.

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 1x Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel for Xbox with original box Price - SOLD

1x Fanatec club sport quick release adapter black with box Price - $50

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1x Fanatec podium wheel base hub - no box

1x Fanatec club sport pedals V3 with cables and original box
Price - $300

I also have a GTX 1080 ti which I’ll let go for $100

I WILL BUNDLE EVERYTHING FOR $2000 plus shipping and throw in the GTX 1080 to for free.

I tested the items as you can see in the pictures.

Let me know if you have any questions

I’ve spent an hour making sure all the documents I have, have been matched to their respective boxes.

All items are final sale.

Thank you

I should buy your forza wheel since all I have is formula

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I may have a buyer who is interested in the whole lot. But I’d definitely let it go for you if you want it. Karting friends before Facebook strangers :joy:

Sale pending for whole lot.

Just wanted to advise

That takes care of that!


Guy was a scammer. I had this issue before and was scammed out of a 1k laptop. My accounts are secure and I reported the guy to the authorities.

Everything is still for sale.

Please be careful out there

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Want to update.

The gold carbon wheel has been sold, the advanced paddle module was bundled with it instead of the silver and carbon one.

The silver and carbon wheel is still available just with the regular paddles still has original box and buttons and everything

The Podium hub and GT3 wheel have also sold.

Everything else is still available.

Thank you

Fine, fine I’ll buy the roundish wheel! I need a normal car wheel

A couple other things sold,

They have been marked on the original listing.

Anyone fancy a DD2? It would make for a great setup :wink:

I guy I met was looking to build a rig. I can send him this way.

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