Laydown Enduro with Sudam 131 Open?

I’m updating the engine on my Laydown Enduro RoadRace kart from a K35 open (running in the 150 Open class) to a new Buller Built stroked Sudam air cooled 131 Open for the 150cc Open class FK2. Anyone here running this that would like to share there experiences?


Love the build! I cannot think of anyone off the top of my head. The open laydown stuff has had nominal class counts from what I have seen. Consider running with the “unlimited” or superkart groups as your spec probably falls within their rule groups. Good luck, post some pictures!


Which road race events do you have planned?

Those who dont keep up with Laydown karts, Reggie Brown is one of best. I don’t know him though.

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While I appreciate your kind words Larry (made my day) I’m hardly one of the best.

Richard Fellows, any progress here?