Le Cont tires experience

The X30’ies are changing tires here in Denmark. LH-03 and SV1.
Does anyone have experience with these tires? Mabye pressures or other tips/tricks?

Excited to finally race on a “real” kart-tire😉

They’d need to be good at €175 a set, please do report back. We’re on Komet K2H

Good slick tyres, shit rain tyres

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I’ve had some great track record-times on the slick tire, but i have never tries the rain tires.

Please do tell us more :smiley:

At least a couple of years ago, the rain tyres were not very durable compared to the usual Vega/Bridgestones/Dunlop. Pace was good, but impossible to manage the tyre life

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I ran the whites for a couple years and they were generally well regarded. We also ran the purple rains. They were pretty fragile (because soft rain tire) and heated up quickly. I think the sentiment about them being so-so was common. I never heard, “best rain tire, ever!” But, no-one groused more than normal.

Just realized you were asking for something useful: if it helps, generally we would run lecont whites for 125tag at around 10-11 PSI cold. Try that as a starting point in average warm weather.

My experience was to put new tires on for quali. I would then run quali-pre-final. The remaining tire life would last one full practice Saturday before the next main race.

I’d say about 80 laps of good life. Can squeeze some more down to cord. I’d say you’d see .15-25 difference in laptimes between heats on the race day as the tires wear out.

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The old homologation was a bad rain tyre, everybody knows and themselves also
The new homologate version is ok, slightly slower than a vega or bridgestone but ok for safety measures and everything

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Summary – 2020 homologation LeCont White as used in F-Series Gearup:

  • Race pace: While I don’t have A/B test results, the tire seems fast. Faster than the prior homologation and probably faster or the same as MG Yellows.

  • Qualifying to Race Performance Degradation - Minimal. Seems to hold up well session 2, 3, 4, on a race weekend. The last homologation LeCont I used for Saturday and Sunday back-to-back for one race weekend and I ran the same lap times both days. Other drivers put new tires on for Sunday and were maybe a .1 faster. It was a low abrasion track.

  • Durability - related to the above point. You can race on the LeConts 1 day and then practice for a couple of days and the performance should be good.

  • Easy to mount/dismount - Not bad and much better than the prior homologation.

  • Tire pressure - totally depends on the track. I have used cold pressures as high as 13 psi and as low as 8 psi.

  • Rain Tires - I have not used the new one. The old homologation was significantly slower than MG wets except on a near dry/damp track.

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Very usefull👍
Thank you🏁

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We are getting them here in Australia from next year. These are some testing results


what were you using before?

the new reds which i think are referred to by most as the SVB are awesome. Almost indestructible and .5 second faster than the old homologation. The purple rain tires are awful. I saw a guy on mojos out pacing the purples. We had a transition year for rains so lower power classes had to run purples and tag/shifter got to run the new white rain. Ill report back next year when we all get to run the new tire.

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how would they compare to MG reds or Dunlop DFM?

Welp, wish I found this last week. Went out on lecont purples and was 2 seconds slower than the Bridgestones

At my recent race we found the lecont purples to be around 2 seconds off of the Bridgestone wets. Bridgestone seemed to be the quickest, with MG being about .6 slower, lecont white rain similar to mg, and lecont purple rain 2 seconds slower. The purples were the hardest of the rain tires there. The Bridgestones were so fast in fact that @Racer_Rick12 (who qualified 7th) decided to swap to Bridgestones for the race and start in second to last (22nd). He ended up getting 2nd place

Well that’s pretty definitive!

Wonder how open wet tire is going to look with Bridgestone pulling out of Karting :thinking:

Vega/Dunlop were not bad back in the day, idk how it is now. I remember the Vega being better than the Bridgestones

I’m sure all my local guys have bought every Bridgestone left and are stockpiling them. Hoosiers seemed quick as well. It was a pretty horrid weekend with open tires and I hope to never see it again. Felt like some guys were in shifter karts and others were in kid karts.