Leaking Dellorto Carb: Rok Shifter

Kind of a head scratcher for me. Last weekend I ended up losing my sidepod which also resulted in the loss of my airbox and carb (Rok shifter). Recovered all of the parts (carb and airbox were wrapped around the rear axle via accelerator cable). Buttoned everything up and my carb was leaking because the corner of the bowl was ground away and had a hole in it. I bought a carb bowl (and drain plug) off a Rotax Max Evo dealer (Dellorto carb as well) and everything seemed okay. Ran the final without any hiccuos. I came out to the garage and found the following:

Everything appears to be tight, so I’m at a loss.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

My first guess is the inlet needle is not sealing?

This is a pandora’s box for me, i’m thinking if that’s case, either a compressed air blow out or manually manipulating the needle?

Looking at a manual, I believe my first step would be to remove the knurled cap and start there since that is where the needle resides for adjustment.

Also, don’t sweat it too much. Fairly common leak. I suggest soaking the bowl gaskets in oil before installing them, that helps with sealing. Also tighten the screws down firmly, but not like there’s no tomorrow. Both remedies help but you’ll always see some seepage


once time for me it was a leaking from the o ring at the 17 bolt from the bowl. . Its available at dellorto repair set kit for your carb

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As luck would have, 2 gaskets were leaking the gasket for the bowl and the gasket for the drain plug. 5 minutes of work and we’re sealed!

Thank you all!

I keep extras of both gaskets on hand. A small leak won’t hinder performance, but I would still replace both gaskets regularly.

Will do! I bought a 2nd spare of each.

glad to see you got it fixed. Even though its a fairly common problem, its definitely an annoying one!

What befuddled me was the timing of it all!