Learn me: Shockwave karts

I recently purchased what I believe to be a 2006 Shockwave kart. Does anyone have any information about these? about all I could find is that these where Doug Welch was the owner, and they were made in the USA before they stopped making them. Can you get brake parts and rotors? The front bolt pattern looks like CRG or something bigger then the standard metric, anyone have information about that (or the previous owner did something different)? Are most of the parts one off or was there a bigger manufacturer that made the parts(Wildkart, Freeline, OTK…)?


Getting many parts for this kart will be pretty hard.

Check out Forward Direction Motorsports. His son Greg owns it and runs it, and is quite knowledgeable on the karts because he did a lot of the work on them and testing and so on.

I think the amount of original parts is ever decreasing, but if anyone is going to have it, he will.

Made by Shockwave Karts in Colorado. Doug Welch is still alive, but retired a decade ago. They were mostly a component manufacturer that made enough parts that they only had to start welding frames together to build their chassis - so almost everything is proprietary.

I am not concerned about original parts, but I just wonder if wild karts, righetti ridolfi or one of the other aftermarkets have parts that will fit. I used to have a Mike Wilson kart and all the wild karts and righetti ridolfi fit fine, I even replaced the complete brake system righetti ridolfi and it worked perfect. Thank you for the lead on Forward Direction Motorsports, I have reached out to them.

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