Leaving Quarter Midgets and going back into Karting

My son is 14 and raced karts for a few years. Then he went to Quarter Midgets. Now he’s too big for Quarter Midgets and I’m not ready to see him in a car yet, so we are going back to karts.

He’s 6’ tall 155lbs and we are looking at the LO206 Junior class. He’s an August birthday so we could stay in Junior for 2 years. I think his height might rule out a Junior Chassis though.

What options do we have chassis wise for a taller driver?

I’d really love some input here, because we didn’t do so well on the first kart we bought. Bought him a Nitro Cadet kart and it was better.

Thank you,

We have a SR driver that is 6’8 running in the CRG 4 cycle chassis no problem.

Where are you located?

LSR Motorsports is out of Southbend and they work directly with that 6’8 driver.

Myself, I’m out of North Carolina, if you have any interest in trying out the CRG.

Perkins Motorsports is out of Tampa and they are the CRG 4 cycle team

Any chassis can be made to work with a taller driver. You need to find out what is supported where you are going to race and go with that.

Having a local shop to support you as far more valuable than picking a certain chassis based on other people’s input.

Nothing specific really, but with that in mind I’d recommend a CIK kart over an American made one as the American-made chassis are usually shorter wheelbases and can get ‘bound-up’ easier, which is what you’ll naturally be fighting with a taller driver.

Then from a comfort level, seeing where the standard seat position is for the chassis would matter too. 1-2 cm further forward or back can make a huge difference in how cramped his legs would be.

6’ and 155, I’d go 206 Senior at that point. 155 is maybe manageable to get to junior weight, but as soon as he grows a bit he’ll be 15 lbs. overweight and not competitive.

Regarding chassis, just find what the local shop to you supports and run that. There’s no one chassis that works better than the others with regards to driver height.

Yeah I’d definitely lean towards senior 206 at his height and weight. Might require a waiver to do so, but usually that isn’t hard to do when it’s justified.

Thanks for the input everyone. Our local supplier runs Tony Karts so I guess that’s the direction we are going to go. I’ll check on moving him up to Senior. He’s been in racing since he was 8 and driving since he was 7 so hopefully they will let us move up.

Hello Ryan,

We are in Ohio. I’ve heard great things about CRG but our local shop said he has everything we need if we run a Tony Kart. So we are going to give them a try.

Hey Randy, where in Ohio are you? You planning on racing 2-stroke or 4-stroke class?

The good news is that whether junior or senior he’ll use the same Tony kart chassis.

Where at in Ohio and what track you looking to run at? I live between G&J, MCC and Wilmington all are great places to race. There are also good tracks up north Adkins, Thompson and Fremont as well as in Indy (Whiteland/Newcastle)

Personally, go with whats supported and at 6ft tall he will likely need to wavier to sensiors next year. (Chassis between junior/senior are almost always the same)

Good luck!

We’re up by Marysville. He loves Wilmington it was the first track he went to. Well probably focus on G&J and run Wilmington on off weekends.

He’s trying to talk me into going to New Castle to practice but he’s never run at Camden so we’ll need to change that.