LeCont Red Optimum Tire Pressures

I have searched around and have not been able to find the manufacturer specs for the optimum cold and hot pressure ranges for LeCont Reds (which I think are the “SVB” model). I’ve been able to find them for other tires like MGs, but nothing for the LeConts. I run them in LO206 and have been setting cold pressures at 11-13psi depending on the weather. I am usually seeing about a 2 psi increase per session when at the 11 psi side of that range. When set to 13 psi or so, I still am not seeing hot pressures above 14 or so.

I don’t think I am way off the mark, I was just hoping to find some info on what is the optimum range I should be shooting for. I noticed that some people mentioned they run the SVB at 9 psi but that seems super low for LO206 (assuming SVB is the same as Reds).

Has anyone run these tires and could share some knowledge about the pressures you are running?


9-11 cold is about the starting pressure range for SVB, but they are only used for KA2 & TaG125 classes here in Australia.
It’s a CIK ‘Hard’, but is really still a Medium-High Grip tyre, which sounds like a LOT of mechanical grip for a 206, so might need some wild pressures to free things up.

Thanks for the tips! That seems about right from my experience. I have never tried lower than 11 psi though so I am curious what 9 psi would feel like on a really hot day.

I have gone as low as 7 psi before to see how it works in a long run, definitely not ideal, but worked. Most race days I will set mine to around 10 psi initially, then adjust from that to balance whatever the kart needed at different stages of the race. It seems that around 12-14 psi hot pressure is good for most drivers I have seen, but exact cold and hot pressures are largely based on driver preference and driving style.

Interesting! Sounds like I should be starting at slightly lower pressures. I have found that my best feeling runs were at 13~14 psi hot coming off the track, so that seems like the right window. Thanks!