Leopard TAG ignition issues

Finally hit the track with my kart on saturday. Great day…I have some serious conditioning I need to do!!

Anyways…spent a few sessions on the track then I was having ignition issues. Messed with the wires around the ignition switch itself and finally got some action out of it. Then after cool down–went to go out for another session…nothing…messed with wires again…nothing. Took over to my parents garage…again messed the switch itself and got it to turn over. But try again right away—nothing.

Anyone have any other troubleshooting tips to try before replacing the switch? My kart guy said it could be coil itself too.

Any help would be much appreciated!

It could be the switch and it’s worth a try. But if that doesn’t fix your engine issues, give Franklin Motorsports a call. They’re probably going to be on the road this weekend, attending the USPKS event, so wait until next week. It might be cheaper to have them look at your engine than you throwing parts at it.

Thank you Tony I will give those guys a try!