Let's Build the Ultimate Kart Setup Sheet

Hi All, your forum was sent to me via a user on Reddit; I have been working on a race notes application that may help in tracking your setup and post session runs. You can check it out at www.garage56.io

I am still early into the process, but a lot of the ground work is there and I am open to taking ideas and adding them to the app. Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for joining us @65_Falcon. Would you mind adding your second name (admin edit: See last name/surname) to your profile?

I hope to take a look at this during the week.

Hey there Carmine,
Pleasure meeting you today at the track. I took a look at your site this afternoon after my test day.
I do like how comprehensive the form structure is, although there are a few menu orders that are a little confusing. (For example, it asks me what vehicle I drive, but only gives me car options. :wink: )

I think the real stand out thing for me though, is that I felt like I had too many fields that I needed to fill out each time. (Granted, I know we talked about having the ability to import fields that don’t change from test to test). I’m going to come back to this tomorrow, and also see if my thoughts around it are impartial, or more to the fact that I just came back from an exhausting day at the track. :wink:

Nice meeting you,


Great meeting you as well!

I added the ability to add a kart from the new session page, if one is not already added. After using the app in a real life scenario; I completely agree, way too many fields to enter for each session. So, I made a change that lets you copy your last sessions data to a new session. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback!

No worries! I’ll try using it again during my next test day, and I’ll update this thread if I have any other thoughts.

Played with it as well also. Not used it in an event yet.
I don’t race- but have multiple racers drive for me- could Driver selection be added for team use?
I could just set kart names as drivers I guess.
Just asking


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Yeah I think if you can just populate the “current session” page with the last settings automatically that would be useful. Then you add your changes.

You could have a settings option to choose whether the current session page should be blank, pull last session or pull a defined baseline.

Hi Kevin,

The app does have an instructor view, which allows for a racer to share a saved session with you, so you can review it, and provide feedback. This is the section that I am going to charge for; just working out how much to charge.



Hey James,

I actually added the ability to copy the last sessions data into a new session earlier this week. Assuming you have a saved session, a button at the top will populate to load in the last saved sessions data. :slight_smile: Let me know if you aren’t seeing that.

Also, I added in the ability to sync/link your transponder data, via Race Monitor, with a saved session. At the moment, it will pull in your best lap. I am working on adding additional features.


I tried to load it on plane here and it didn’t go so well.
Do you have a backlog or similar that you are logging changes etc

Funny, I was using it on a plane yesterday and didn’t have the best of luck either. I have plans to try and correct the issues when wifi/cellular is poor.

I don’t have a running log of changes that is public at the moment, just logging changes on my side as I make them.

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Yeah bandwidth and latency suck on planes. I’m decent at WPO so hit me up sometime. You could also develop it as a web app (like these forums, built on Discourse) that has a payload and you send minimal data back and forth.

But for now this is fine for prototyping. Just geeking out a little h re.

In A perfect world, I would like to see racestudio have A database setup (or window) that pops up with the track times of each session. In that session you could make A PDF file that is locked cell were you could fill in the blanks, and its saved with that session. So if you can always see that setup that made that set of laps. And when comparing two separate days you can see both sheets in open windows. Now you would make your own PDF file but the software keeps the database straightened and tight for you. Wishful thinking? They do have space for notes I make but maybe more powerful this way.

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The website that Carmine has developed does this from the other direction.

Providing a location to fill in setup, pull data from racemonitor for laptimes and then either a link to your racestudio file or upload the file itself.


Track Notes.pdf (11.9 KB)

What I’ve been using for KT100, and track is next to an airport with great weather sensors.

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So I’m starting with a new kart this year, so it’s time for another logbook!

So this is something I’ve been working on for a while, and I decided to put up or shut up. The car version is up and available. The kart one will be available shortly! Just working on a cover design and then final checks. These are notebooks aimed to be your car’s journal.

In the meantime, check out the car version!

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Here we go! I’m super, super excited about this! The karting setup notebook includes loads of setup sheets, gear charts, and quick setup tips:


I want to like that you’ve done this more than once, but I can’t. So you’ll have to accept multiple braps instead.

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I bought this! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.