Let's talk Douglas Wheels

What is the difference between the Classic, Low Volume and SE mag wheels?

Classic = standard mag wheel
LV = low volume to help keep tire pressures lower
SE = Douglas’ take on an OTK MXC-style wheel, keeps tire cooler, keeps temps lower, helps kart stay in the working range longer

When the LV wheels came out, we only ran those in TaG. When the SE came out, we switched to that for TaG and higher horsepower to help keep the tires in the working window.

If I ran Douglas, SE would be my standard wheel for regional/national racing, with the LV wheel if I needed a bit more grip.


Hello TJ,
have you done any back to back testing between the SE and the ‘Spoked Classic’ Douglas rims? Interested to your thoughts moreso on feel than anything else.

Yeah I did, probably 10 years ago though so my memory might be a little fuzzy.

The spoked wheels and LV wheels were really similar in feel and performance. We never noticed much difference. The SE felt better in terms of temperature control and the tire stayed more consistent over the run compared to the LV/spoked wheel.