Let's talk shoes!

It is that time again, as I have worn out my last pair.

Karting shoes tend to be bought over the Internet without trying them on, so it can be a bit tricky.

What is your favorite karting shoe, if any?

My last pair were synthetic alpinestars. I liked them from a durability standpoint. The uppers outlasted the sole, which has now hardened as the rubber aged.

Downside with the synthetic shoes is that they sort of feel plasticy and don’t breathe the same as leather shoes. So, a trade off. Durability vs comfort.

Price should not be a consideration. Simply what’s your fav kart shoe?

I recenlty got the Sparco K-RUN, and the lace eyelids ripped out the 2nd time i put them on. :hot_face:

I have no idea if they are under waranty?


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Coincidentally that’s what ultimately broke on my shoes

I have AS Tech 1-K, I don’t believe I’d even look at anything else I like them so much.

There’s a saying amongst sailors never trust someone who’s deck shoes are less worn than your own. Same goes for karting, mine garner lots of trust :joy:

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I shall check those out… look at the beauties Danica has…

@Richard_Jacques turns out that’s exactly what I have been wearing…

Sadly Danica version of kart shoe out of stock my size…

FreeM for me. Comfy, good pedal feel, look brand new after 6 years of use.

Pedal feel is very important. Last race I did, I tried out the fancy gold chrome pilot boots I bought thinking if they worked for feeling the rudders on an airplane, they would work for me. Couldn’t feel the brake pedal at all and had to have someone bring my FreeM shoes the next day. Like that scene in Space Jam where Bugs and Daffy have to go get MJ’s sneakers so he can play.

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Hmmm intriguing. I like the name too. I shall review these.



Size Guide


The Sensitive D07K is our karting specific shoe made of robust eco-leather that perfectly joins comfort and breathability thanks to the perforated upper; a reinforcement for better abrasion resistence has been added on the external side of toe box, while the insole is composed of nylon joined with a special vibration isolating material.

I had the A-Stars, ORG, and Adidas and the FreeM is the most comfy by far because of the materials. The Adidas fit really well and had a good sole and were durable, but they were like shiny plastic and squeaked and rubbed on pressure points over time. The ORG were a little better materials but the fit wasn’t great. And the A-Stars fell apart in one season, though that was a long time ago.

So far I have yet to have any fall apart, other than laces breaking. What does seem to happen is the rubber sole gets harder and harder over time.

Ultimately, my foot starts slipping on accelerator which costs me a lap here and there.

I should get a korsa suit to look cool. might be a bit much tho on rentals. :grinning: I have always liked the way you use an unusual palette that includes colors like purple.

Good deal at Acceleration on those: $169 but only 3 sizes left.

I’ve had AS tech 1kx for the last 3 years. Soles are in good shape but the sides are wearing a little. Good pedal feel, but after a day of walking around my feet are a little sore. I’ll send pictures of the wear when I get home

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What size? I have some that I can’t seem to get rid of.

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10.5 US 44 EUR :eyes: :heart_eyes::sunglasses: 20 chars

…That’s your shoe size, not your suit size.

Ah. Wellp I’m 5,11 with a long torso and short legs and weight about 160.

I am old man bod now: skinny with no butt. I think I’m taller and heavier than ya.

Maybe I’ll get another custom next and we can design it! The last suit I got, you designed:

Tanguy left. One of our rental pals right. Location: NJMP.

Note: when ordering custom suit, make sure to get a pocket. Many vapes fallen victim to misplacement on grid. (Floor pans are the worst offenders for losing stuff).

It’s about time to retire them

I’ll get the same again, kind of liking these ones and they fit with the Kazakh project

White always ends up carbon black it seems! I Like the powered blue and yellow.

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Very close to the blue in the Kazakh flag.

If I’m not mistake, some brand did a series of gloves in national flag colors.

Edit: Want:

Yes -273. They didn’t do a Kazakh glove but they will do one for me if I order 50, that’s in my pocket for a future promo, I already spoke with them about selling their gloves. Super nice guys.


I’d take a serious look at the Zamp ZR-60 shoes, I love mine. Very comfortable and great pedal feel. Quality pieces.