Lighter kart suit

Anyone have any experience on which kart suits offer a lighter/thinner material ? Current we are using one from a friend and it’s a super nice alpine star suit but I’m thinking there has to be a lighter/thinner material but with out having a bunch to examine it’s hard to figure out. I keep thinking K1 might be something like this but was throwing this question out there if anyone had first had experience in brands or brand models that offer something along these lines.

Thanks yall

Sparco X-Lite, it’s typically up in the high 30s to mid 40s when I’m driving, I like the sparco lots.

Pryde Apparel makes suits that seem to be lightweight and comfortable. They even make custom suits and will work with you to make sure your custom suit fits properly, if it doesn’t, they make a new one instead of altering what they already made. They also have an incentive program where you can earn money back to the cost of your suit for your on track performance.

getpryde is their Facebook page. (833) 997-7933 is their number. If you mention my name, Zahorski, you can get a discount.