Lightest Sprint bodywork?

(Ricky Worley) #1

Wondering if anyone has done a comparison between various bodyworks and associated bars to find the lightest setup. Obviously this could be useful for a larger driver trying to make weight, or even someone trying to be able to place weight in a better location. KG obviously makes several bodywork iterations, not to mention all the various bodywork from other manufacturers. I have not been able to do this kind of comparison, but am curious.

(TJ Koyen) #2

I would imagine that older stuff is lighter, as usually it’s thinner. I remember back in the late 00s, some guys were still running breadbox body work with no decal kit to make weight.

(Eric Gunderson) #3

Never have weighed them. However, I do know several manufacturers offer titanium bars and fasteners for bodywork. While pricey, this is a way to reduce weight, if your series allows it.

(Daniel Agee) #4

Came across this tonight. Says it is 3 pounds lighter than the FP7.

(Dom Callan) #5

That looks like the bodywork used in compkart I drive. It is smaller. I had to replace nose bumper this weekend and all we had was one of the new ones and they are pretty huge. I like the older ones.