Limited at 4200rpm

Predator 212 hemi
Governor removed
Oil sensor removed
Billet connecting rod same length as original
Billet flywheel 32 adv time
26lb springs
.001 lash
Stock head
22mm mikuni
30series comet torque converter

Im trying to get it to 7k rpm atleast.
It stops at 4k to 4200
Any help will be appreciated
Sounds like a rev limiter on a car

Don’t take this the wrong way… but have you checked that spark per rev is set to 1 on your rev counter?

If you have a video that might help. Certainly seems odd.

When you say it “stops” at 4k to 4200, is this on track? What type of Mikuni carb is it? It could be too rich.

Also, what ignition are you using?

Stock ignition coil and stock sparkplug gapped at 60 thousands.
Its full throttle with the chain off when i tested the rpms
22mm mikuni flat slide
Also forgot to mention it has .308 cam in it

Ill double check the rpm gauge tomorrow. But it seemed right idled around 1k rpms. I tried a video it wont let me upload one

Are the springs matched to that cam? If you had valve float I’m sure you’d notice it.
What is the carb from? Jetting is correct?

Carb from gopowersports. And not too sure what u mean by matching the cam to the springs. First timer here lol. Gopowersports gave me the big jet for the carb so i should be set there but i could double check the size. What size would be a good one for what im trying to do.

That’s a tough one to answer on jetting, not knowing what you have to start. On track for example, if your running down a straight and the engine RPM hits a peak… drops off, then picks up again, it’s usually too rich.

How did you buy the cam? Who’s cam is it? Usually the valve springs should be matched to a cam.

My LO206 is set to idle at about 2k. Another spot on this website says typical idle of briggs about 1750 to 1800. I seems like probably a gauge setting error

The 22lbs. springs are probably light for that much lift of a cam. Should be around 34 to 36lbs.

Ur right but 26 is the highest i can go before i gotta work the head to fit bigger one. But at 26lbs i should get more then 4200rpms before vavle float