LiquidPiston "Kart" engine

Obviously this isn’t a purpose built kart engine, but pretty cool to see they’ve chose a kart as a test bed. It’s a rotary engine that uses a different shaped rotor housing and rotor than a traditional Wankel engine and takes in air through the rotor. Their website goes into way more detail but it seems pretty innovative. They claim the core engine weighs just 4lb and makes 4hp.

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Very cool to see this continue in development. I’m a rotary fan so remember seeing this in the initial prototype stages.

That’s a really cool piece. I suspect it might be higher maintenance than your average OHV four stoke, but it’s power to weight ratio looks pretty awesome.

I’m guessing some sort of rotor lube/combustion would be needed via a premix or oil injection?

Shame the kart only ran the 3hp version in the video.

Curious of the sealing of the “rotor”, looks as if the apex seals are installed into the housing instead? Very neat idea, i used to be such a die hard wankel fan. Built a couple of them when i was younger.

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