List of Engines Used in Karting

That’s really cool looking though.

was pretty quick too -


There are several legends about the real performance of these, some I suspect were fomented by Parilla himself, some by cult followers, some may actually be real as you see above. I believe in an interview Achille was saying these engines caused the demise of the rotaries, a cut above everyone else, super fast out of the box (“you could remove 500g of aluminum and it will go slower than a stock one”, with a couple of different discs you covered pretty much every tuning need).

I’m skeptic, but we shall soon put it to the test. Somebody here said “believe nothing, test everything”. So here we go, dove into the deep end.


I’m super busy with work so the rebuilds will take time, but I got help from Italy to work on some of this stuff, it’ll be fun.


The 90s where awesome for different ideas at the top level, so many different chassis designs that where drastically different. Anything to gain an edge.
most manufacturers made inboard drive motors to get a more direct flow into the cylinder as the sprocket wasn’t in the way so the carb could be on a greater angle, italsistem just went crazy and put the valve on the front.

Rotax DSD-L

Rotax DSD you can see that the carb flange is alot flatter


Yes you can clearly see where they were finding power. Trying to get as much charge as possible by optimizing flow, so you can either try and get a favorable angle of entry on the side (by moving the pinion on the left DSD/DSE, but the crank is still in the way) or moving the intake directly centered in between the two crank halves (Ital). I believe I’ve seen a shifter rotary prototype too, where they moved the disc in front for the same reason

On the standard ones I’ve seen some aggressive profile of the liner to help channel the flow, trying to achieve the same result

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What Era is this engine? 80s?

those engines are 2001 homologation I believe

Wow they look like your old dds.