List of Kart Chassis for Four Cycle Racing

Can I have everyone list all of the 4 cycle specific chassis brands and models?

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Way to take initiative @PhoenixKartRentals.

This is a wiki post, meaning that most members can edit and update it.

First off, let’s talk about what typically makes “Four Stroke Chassis” different.

  • Generally more a economical option with less adjustability in terms of camber/caster.

  • Seat bracket and rear crossbar position optimized for the inboard drive on four stroke engines.

  • Tube diameter and torsion bar selection tends to lean toward the “softer” side.

If you’d like to go a little deeper on the subject, check out this topic:

Chassis built for lower powered, four cycle/OHV Karting.

BirelArt AM-29
CKR Stingray
Comet Eagle
Compkart Covert 4R
Coyote Various Models
CRG Tork, FS4 & RS5
DR Tork
Luttrell Racing Ionic Edge
Margay Ignite K3 and K2
TBkart SS55 206
VLR Emerald

Info/links required:

Arrow X3 4s
Benik (Model not confirmed)
Energy 4C
Intrepid FK4

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DR Tork is a 4 Cycle Chassis.

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Also should mention the following brands as well
Energy 4C

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VLR Emerald chassis for the LO206

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Added CKR Stingray to the list.

Comet eagle.


These are the only 2 chassis manufacturers I have experience with. Hope it helps

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Thanks Andrew.

Also found out TBkart have a 206 offering: Called the SS55 206

Which would be the cheaper of all these to start my 10 year old daughter out on?

10 year olds would be on Cadet Chassis which is a different size.

does anyone have a list of the different kart sizes?
I’m getting ready to start ordering all the parts for my daughter and I to build her first kart.

I found two

Is this just for the chassis? These websites are not very descriptive.

The two websites that you listed are just the rolling chassis, you would still need to get the engine, tires, etc