List of Kart Chassis for Four Cycle Racing


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Can I have everyone list all of the 4 cycle specific chassis brands and models?

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Way to take initiative @PhoenixKartRentals.

This is a wiki post, meaning that most members can edit and update it.

First off, let’s talk about what typically makes “Four Stroke Chassis” different.

  • Generally more a economical option with less adjustability in terms of camber/caster.

  • Seat bracket and rear crossbar position optimized for the inboard drive on four stroke engines.

  • Tube diameter and torsion bar selection tends to lean toward the “softer” side.

If you’d like to go a little deeper on the subject, check out this topic:

Chassis built for lower powered, four cycle/OHV Karting.

BirelArt AM-29
CKR Stingray
Comet Eagle
Compkart Covert 4R
Coyote Various Models
CRG Tork, FS4 & RS5
DR Tork
Luttrell Racing Ionic Edge
Margay Ignite K3 and K2
TBkart SS55 206
VLR Emerald

Info/links required:

Arrow X3 4s
Benik (Model not confirmed)
Energy 4C
Intrepid FK4

How You Mount Your 206 Engine Can Cost You Precious Time
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DR Tork is a 4 Cycle Chassis.

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Also should mention the following brands as well
Energy 4C

(Daniel Eddy) #7

VLR Emerald chassis for the LO206

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Added CKR Stingray to the list.

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Comet eagle.


These are the only 2 chassis manufacturers I have experience with. Hope it helps

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Thanks Andrew.

Also found out TBkart have a 206 offering: Called the SS55 206

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