Little bit different question

Just got a Murry Nitrox that I am rebuilding for my grandson and it goes too fast. I have already moved the throttle connection down to the bottom hole and it is still too fast. It has a 208cc engine and goes way to fast for him. How can I slow it down without it costing an arm and leg?

First question, how old is your grandson? Can you elaborate on the engine - manufacturer?

Usually an exhaust restrictor dies the job of reducing power for little ones, but depends on the engine so any additional detail will help.

Thanks for the reply. He is 12 but a small 12. I am not wanting him to race it yet but just be able to drive it on our lot. The motor is a Powerhorse 208cc. Like I said I am new to this so any advice is good advice. For instance what is an exhaust restrictor?

Set the throttle pedal stop or adjust the throttle cable so the carb only opens part way.

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