[LIVE] Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals @ Bahrain




Saturday - The Finals

Saturday - The Podium


go race liberante :sunglasses:


Yeah I support that, best name in Racing and he’s local. Go Race!

My local guys are Nixx Eggleston and Giovanni Santora both running JR Max based outta Phoenix!


Is Race still local to you? I heard he moved back out to California

Pretty sure Race went to Indy, closer the MPG operation. he used to be 10 min away from me. Got my first kart from him, glad to see him living the dream :white_check_mark:


I don’t think so but I remeber that name from fseries! I always thought it was fab that a guy called Race races well! So he get local points from me.

Lights out and away we go. Its live now

Just watched a big crash with flipped karts in what I think is the Senior MAX race. Whole field came around with karts sitting in the middle of the track with basically no yellow flags!

the recovery quad got stuck

the seniors are ready to kill

Enjoyed watching the stream today, some really good battles. Interesting to see Barrichello racing masters.

Boy it’s so much harder to tell who is who when the karts are all identical.

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Damn what an unfortunate start for Race, hopefully it’s not over

Seniors final about to start. Rooting for our Theo Kekati, great kid he drove brilliantly in his pre final last night to win from p6.

Race is starting DEEP in the field. He’s pulled off some big drives forward at times, we’ll see what he can do. Has top 5 pace so the speed is there, but surviving is a big part also.

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