[Live Video] OK & Junior World Championship 6 - 8 October 2023 in Franciacorta

Youtube link down below. 6 - 8 october 2023





Any US drivers to keep an eye on?

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Preston Lambert is running OK for Sodi Factory – California kid.

Matheus Morgatto (Brazil) and Joe Turney (United Kingdom) have spent quite a bit of time racing stateside this year and they’ll be running also.

Alex Powell races under the Jamaican flag but spent his Micro, Mini, and part of Junior career racing in the US. Started in Miami. Same with Miguel Costa who races under the Brazilian flag.

OK Junior

Jack Iliffe started racing in Houston, raced in the US as recent as last year. Moved up from Mini to Junior this year overseas. Super, super nice family and kid. His dad is someone I consider a good friend and always supports KC online. Big fan.

Vivek Kanthan started racing with Mike Doty in the Northeast and began racing overseas last year. Based out of New York, or at least originally was.


+1 for Vivek. Nice kid who is also v fast.

So what is the different between this world championship with the next week rok superfinal? Im not use to with the naming with the current engine. Is it different engine ?

This is the official ‘world championship’ hosted by the FIA. They own the rights to that specific title, and they prevent all other independent events from calling themselves that.

Rotax does the ‘Grand Finals’.
IAME does the ‘International Final’.
ROK does the ‘SuperFinal’.

The FIA World Championships are open to any manufacturer of chassis and engine so long as it’s built to FIA standards and homologated by the FIA – a very expensive process. So expensive, that most American-made karts don’t even bother with it, and our sanctioning bodies have an exemption clause.

The FIA hosts two separate world championship race weekends – 1 for Shifter classes – KZ (Pro), KZ2 (Semi Pro), and KZ2 Masters (Semi Pro Masters aged class) – and 1 for Single Speed Classes – OK (Senior) and OKJ (Junior).


Thank you so much for such detailed explanation.

Bump post. Live in 7 hours. … …


Worth noting the KZ2 and KZ2 Masters races are not World Championship status. Also the OK title is the lineal title so to speak. It started in 1964. The technical regulations have changed, but it’s the FIA World Championship for karting whereas the gearbox classes have had hap hazard FIA World Championship status.

Having said that, the way karting is upside down now, the OK or shall i say the ‘single-speed’ World Championship no longer holds the cultural status as the pinnacle classes, that’s now with the gearbox classes. The single-speed classes have largely been gutted of it professional driver element when they ventured all to being solely gearbox drivers. It’s a shame but the single-speed stuff is more of an ‘F1 Junior’ thing now. Terrible shame really.

The FIA are boasting a ‘record entry’ but conveniently forget we once had at least three separate derivatives of the senior 100cc classes - ICA/FA/FSA - where entries were spread throughout as well as significant national grids. The FIA World Championship is a shadow of its former self. Unless Turney wins it’s champion today gone to F4 tomorrow.

Jack Ilffee

Another crashed after start

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Not sure if anyone caught the incident with Turney trying to get his kart restarted on track….praying that it isn’t as bad as it looked and he makes a quick recovery.

Looked like a broken ankle at least if not the shin bone.

He should know better then to push the kart onto the racing line though.


I think decompression valves and a lack of steel roll hoop are a problem. I don’t think they work well for solo starting. It doesn’t explain why he aimed towards the racing line but there’s something about the way they start with decomp valves that make me nervous. You don’t get the initial acceleration required so end up running too long. In addition it’s hard to move the kart with these plastic bumpers. So it combines into this weird scenario. I’ve seen it time and time again with these decomp karts the start procedure just doesn’t look right to my eyes.

Anyway, hope it’s not too serious, I fear the worse.

Did not look good at all. Slowmo is hard to watch:

According to his Instagram he had surgery on his ankle and is starting the road to recovery.


I feel for Joe. That’s a rough one that’s gonna take a bit to heal.

Just watched it. Possibly an unpopular opinion and not to diminish his injury at all

Once I saw him push onto the racing line I was expecting a LOT worse. It’s a miracle it only got clipped and didn’t then get collected by another kart… or several.