LO206 #219 chains - DID HTM HTZ RK, does it matter?

I’m looking for a recommendation on a replacement chain for a 206. Here’s what I’ve been able to find online:

  • Don’t get an o-ring chain, because you lose 1/2-hp of power.
  • Most sites recommend DID HTM for low power engines like the 206. However, DID also sells an HTZ chain which claims greater longevity for about the same price. Any drawbacks of going with the HTZ chain?
  • Others recommend the RK Gold chain. Just going by gold-on-gold it seems more comparable to the HTZ chain.

These are all within about $5 of each other so cost is a non-factor. Which should I buy?

I personally run the rk gold chain and I have run the ek chain but I prefer the rk, it seems to last pretty long as long as it stays lubed

I have tested a few but not all the ones mentioned. I have tested DID HTZ and it was the best I have tested so far.

Precision and weight are the most important factors for 206… that being said from worst to best your not likely to “notice a difference” but I do like to sleep happy at night knowing I am doing all I can.

At least with the HTZ, the manufacturer claims a difference over the HTM – 40% longer life and also pre-stretched. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a downside like the o-ring chain power loss.

I will probably just get the cheaper between the HTZ and RK gold, they both seem to be preferred and only a few bucks extra.