Lo206 adult to cadet

I know coil and carb slide need to be changed out, not sure to what coil and to what slide is needed? Purple, red, blue, black, green? Didn’t realize there were so many choices.

For an 8-13 year old.

Other than those two, does anything else need to be changed out?

In Canada we have club cadet which is purple slide and and 4100 rpm coil, and national cadet which would probably be what you want, which is red slide and the stock coil.

Slide seems to vary by track/club.

That said for practice you could just do the slide, Or just a throttle restriction.

The only time the coil is changed on the 206 is when running on a kid kart, which only certain areas do. Cadets the most common setup these days is green slide with the carb top lock, that’s the only change from a Senior setup.

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Reading up on this and it was confusing to me that the kid kart setup is called “junior”

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Yeah that does make it very confusing. In our area we don’t use 206’s on kid karts, but I know some areas they are more popular.


We run into that all the time when people asking about rules for “junior 206”. Which, in the midwest, means 13-15 years old and gold slide. They get into the rulebook and get all kinds of confused.

@IRQVET - Dean, It really depends on your track rules. In the midwest, there are generally 4 classes of 206:

Kid karts - 4 (or 5) to 8 years old - 4100 coil, spec clutch, and 310 black slide
Sportsman (or sometimes called Cadet or Junior 1) - 8 to 12 years old - adult coil, Green slide
Junior (or sometimes called Junior 2) - 12-15 years old - adult coil, Gold slide
Senior/Masters/Legends - adult coil, adult black slide

However, some tracks run sportsman with the red slide. If I was just getting a kiddo going, I would start them with the red slide and adult coil. Then move them up to green slide once they get comfortable (about 1 hp difference between the two). You can also limit their top speed by using a shorter gear ratio and letting them ride the limiter around if you would like. Then slowly speed them up by dropping teeth on the rear gear.

Its also worth noting that the carb tune will be a little different between a slide engine and a senior engine. Depending on how your senior engine was tuned, and if you are switching back and forth, just lean the needle clip one spot when going to the slide engine. That wont necessarily be optimized, but it should be a good enough tune to get laps in.

Good luck! Have fun!


Thanks Derek!

I had to look at the CKNA rule book for clarification, I probably should have done this prior to posting as this is the race series I typically run and my local abids by their rules as well

Kid Kart:

Briggs and Stratton 206 Engine

Stock Black Junior Slide (Part#555728)

RLV #5507 Pipe

Kid Kart Chassis: 200 lbs, kart and driver

Cadet Chassis: = 215 lbs, kart and driver

Ages 5-8 years old

• 365 day waiver does not apply for younger drivers

in this class. Must be at least 5 years old by

competition date

17/57 Gear Ratio

Clutch: MaxTorque Part#555727 only

Dry Tires: Vega VAH 4.60 Front, 4.60 Rear

No rain tires for Kid Karts

Max Tire Circumference: 33.75” (At ambient temp.)

CIK style bodywork and seats only


Briggs and Stratton 206 Engine

Green Slide, max opening .490” (Part#555470)

265 lbs, kart and driver, aged 8-12 years old

Dry Tires: Vega VAH 4.60 Front, 4.60 Rear

Wet Tires: Vega w5/w6 4.20 Front, 4.20 Rear

Max Wheel Widths: 5.625 Front, 5.625 Rear

CIK style bodywork and seats only

*2020’s bodywork, seat and wheel widths rules will

be used in the North Division through Sept. 2021.

Ah, yes. If you are going from senior to sportsman per CKNA rules, you will jsut add a green slide and carb lock. Everything else is the same part numbers.

You going to be at Jacksonville? I can’t wait to meet some of the southern folks when I head down there (not to mention get out of the snow to do some racing)!

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Yes Sir- I’ll be a JAX. I’ll send you a PM.

BTW- What is a carb lock?

Keeps the dads and or kids from opening the cap during the race or tightening it up real tight before tech. Since the slide opens up against the carb cap, the position of that cap needs to be locked to avoid tom-foolery.

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