LO206 Cadet - What gearing should I have on-hand?

I’m looking for advice on what would be a good set of sprockets to have on hand as my son enters his second year in LO206 Cadet. For 2023 ran in a club last year that had fixed gearing, 17/56 for a #35 chain, but I was caught unprepared when we dropped in on another club’s race that had open gearing.

For 2024 we plan to run a handful of CKNA events (maybe others) with open gearing so I’m trying to stock up on the gearing I should have on hand. I’m thinking 55T – 68T for rear sprockets. I’m not quite sure what I need to have on-hand for the clutch drive sprocket. I think I should have a 14T on hand but they cost more than the rear, so I don’t just want to go nuts and buy them all. Again, #35 chain.

So… any advice for a dad that is trying to make sure I have the right gearing on hand?

(If this has been discussed feel free to direct me to that thread as a response)

You will get a few different answers, so pick your favorite. In my opinion, you really only need a range of 5-6 rear gears. With #35 chain, I would be 54T-60T and I would have 15-17 fronts. I have not been to a CKNA track that would not be covered by that. You are basically covered 3.2 to 4.0

Thanks Derek! To some degree I don’t mind having more options than I need but I also don’t want to lug around a pile of gears that I will never use. For CKNY races we are looking at Charlotte, NJMP, UK, OVRP and Pitt.

We have a small local track that someone recommended 14/66 gearing which was NOT close to the 17/56 I showed up with. My son was a hazard but the poor kid wouldn’t give it up and did what he could.

14/66?? Was it inside a laundry basket?

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Super small and probably 20’ of elevation change: https://maps.app.goo.gl/MXJW8JWNPZdQrBax7

NOT the best place to first learn about “open gearing” cadet races.

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Wow, that is a cool track. Your kiddo is about to have a ton of fun. The longest straightaway at Rocky Ridge is shorter than the braking zone into “turn 1” (right after pit exit) at Charlotte motor speedway.