LO206 Carb Questions

Few questions:

How do I know which change to make, needle clip vs float height?

Maybe a silly question, but is the top nut that attaches to the carb cap supposed to be tight? This has the throttle cable within it.

Is there an optimal cylinder head temp that I should be aiming for?

Lastly, this past weekend I tried putting the needle clip to the 5th position (richest), and couldn’t even get the kart to idle for some reason. Even with the idle screw all the way in, and the air mixture screw all the way out (or in, tried both), it would die immediately after letting off the throttle (on the stand), and ran terribly even with a little throttle. What might be the cause of that?

I am in Briggs LO206 senior.

I am a newbie as well. But the clip position I would start with P3 for the slot. Then go to the briggs site and set the screws to default. And then make minor adjustments from there.

Just follow the Briggs Racing carb tuning guide here: https://www.briggsracing.com/sites/default/files/carburetortuningguide_ms10429_0.pdf

After running the LO206 motor since the beginning of the LO206 class, I have found that correct float height and carb alignment when mounting the carb are the two biggest things you can do to ensure fast consistent running.

John K

Reminds me I need to check the float height again. Haven’t checked it in a while. Been getting some hanging rpm on occasion.

The hanging RPM can be caused by oil backwashing through the pulse line and clogging the fuel filter. If there is oil coming out of the brass screen on the fuel filter, that is a sign of running too much oil in the crankcase.
John K

I’ll check it. But I haven’t noticed it even a spec of oil in the pulse line