LO206 carb setting - 206

After looking over a CIK body type kart with a LO206. Reading a lot of information on carb tuning and spending time thinking about how the float acts while racing, even measuring the amounts of fuel in the bowl.
My question is…which is more important, a level carb or more air through the intake?

Why are the two mutually exclusive?

If you level the carb you block the intake.

i would go with intake lined up over level carb.

I have a lo206 that I haven’t seen in while, so I’d have to go look @ it again to refresh my memory. I might get to see it this weekend.
I’ve always turned it as level as possible but made sure my intake & carb were lined up. The way I see it is level probably is not that important when pulling G’s. Same degree of level is a way to keep it consistent when you install a carb.
Different engine mounts have different degrees of tilt so that is a factor as well. I can’t tell you off the top of my head what the angle of the mount is.
I also carry spare gaskets and a spare throttle cable boot to keep that from sucking air.

You can do both, Alight the carb with the manfold and then offset the float. We run one side higher than the other. Unfortunately, my skill set does not include setting the float level…yet.

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With most motor mounts, the engine doesn’t sit level on the chassis. Typically for a Briggs 206 most mounts are 5 degree or more.

With that said, it’s hard to ‘level’ the carburetor in these cases to true level relative to the track surface. Instead, as others have stated, it seems that leveling the carburetor to the air horn / intake piece behind the carburetor is more important. To not do this is to put up a ‘wall’ that the air and fuel now has to climb around to make it into the combustion chamber.

How are you “leveling” the carb? Can someone explain and maybe show a picture? I run a World Formula but the intake manifold, carb, and air filter all “fixed” not sure how you would level anything?

I have no WF experience. On the 206 you can rotate the carb a bit on the mounting holes. I need to get over to mine see about how many degrees off level it is.

Here is one not so level looking

This one looks more level (to the ground / horizon)

I see it now, makes total sense. The WF carb is more in line front to back so it would only rotate on a side to side axis

Rick, the LO206 uses a slotted intake to help level the fuel in the bowl. But when leveling the float you block the intake of air flow.

I have been running a 15 degree mount and struggled to make power in low speed corners. I’ve moved to a 7 degree mount and have opened the carb to the intake but have a slight tilt to the carb. This Sunday we have a track session planned, I will let you know how it goes.

I usually put an el-cheapo digital level on the frame, zero it and line up the carb with that.

I haven’t found a level carb to be at odds with a non obstructed path, but that depends on the angle of your mount of course.

Well after a 7 hour day at OGP (Ocala Florida ) I vote for a clear intake with a 7 degree mount vs a level carb. I didn’t set the float by a number so i cant tell you what setting i used. But by the amount of fuel in the bowl. It takes some time but I know I had a full bowl when I was done and had no choking in the corners and very little fuel in my catch can. And picked up the 7 tenths I needed ( based an average of 40 laps) to run with the leader based on times posted from the last race in the track configuration.

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Pardon me, but I am still pretty confused. Do you have a picture of what you are adjusting? When you say a clear intake, what side of the carb are you referencing? The above two pictures don’t really explain it to me for some reason.

Interface between carb and intake can be mismatched.
Pic would have to be through carb to show mismatch.
2 pics I put up show degree of level/not level.

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I had a practice day today and was able to see what this meant. Thank you!

I just make sure the intake mani isn’t blocking the carb throat and send it. :flushed: