Lo206 catch can

Hello there! I am new to karting (206) and I am a bit confused about catch cans. I have a small container connected to the bracket that holds the bodywork up, which has a hose attached. However, there is a dangling hose on the bottom of my carburetor that I am not sure what to do with. I was hoping you guys could assist me. Thank you!

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Black goes to bottom of your carb for overflow. clear tube goes to OHV cover vent hole


Ok thanks do you know what the thing is that is mounted to the bracket that holds up the bodywork?

Do you have a picture, not sure what are you referring to exactly. I have seen people get really creative about how bodywork and catch can are mounted.

You win the shiniest axle/sprocket award.

LOL, I borrowed the picture from Comet, picture credit to Comet Kart sales!

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That’s for your gas tank overflow, connect to ur gas tank breather tube.

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Got it thanks so much!

bet that kart wa new from factory