LO206 Clutch question

Last year was my first year of karting. i bought a used CRG with a Briggs so I really don’t know hold old the engine is. Engine ran fine, More than competitive lap times. My questions is related to the clutch. The clutch that came with was a draggin skin and it cratered on me in a race. I have replaced it with a Inferno and it races fine. I’ve noticed coming out of the pits, it seems to take longer for the clutch to engage then other karts. It’s not slipping, just slower to get up to speed. Once i’m racing its fine. Should I have it looked at prior to next season or just leave it.

The Draggin skin was a bitch to take off, super tight and I noticed the drive shaft was grey/black. I probably shouldn’t have finished the race on it.

Doesn’t the Inferno clutch have adjustable shoes inside of it which change the clutch engagement point? Some clutches have adjust-ability, so they engage at different RPM.

I run the Stinger clutch on my kart, which has different tension springs to do the same thing, but I believe that the Inferno has adjustable shoes. Someone else can help confirm that for me.

The Inferno has adjustable springs and spaces to put weights in the shoes for fine tuning.

OP, If you bought the Inferno new it won’t have any weights and should have whites springs, which I’ve found to be be the optimal setup for the 206. Are you running the same gearing and weight as everyone else?

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Slipping out of the grid is fine, actually slipping during racing is faster if its tuned right. Like having a CVT.

Rotax drivers used to go to unbelievable lengths to get their clutches to slip (lubes, coatings, baking clutches in an oven). At least in the UK and apparently we are famous for cheating (or so I found out when I moved here).

So if it is racing ok I would just keep an eye on it, make sure there is no overheating and the shoes are good and doing preventative maintenance as normal.

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running two blacks and two whites if i remember correctly. I run a smaller gear in the back so maybe that’s the reason it seems slower off the grid.

Are you doing standing starts Jeff?