LO206 Coil Gaps - 4 legs with weird stock gaps?

My son’s Animal Cadet is 2/3rds of the way through the first season and I am looking at the ignition for the first time. I read some posts about the air gap being set to 0.016 on the outer legs. That is noted on his green PVL coil also as in the pics. However, the coil has 4 legs and in my case only 1 of the inner legs was set at 0.016. I also notice witness marks on the flywheel indicating the legs were dragging or some dirt got in between the legs and the flywheel.

Is there any spec for the 2 inner legs? I have read some of the posts debating wider air gaps, I just want to set a baseline at stock. Can someone please have a look at the pics below and let me know if it is indeed #1 and #4 in my pic that are the legs to set to 0.016 or a touch wider? What about the inner legs #2 and #3 labelled in yellow in the first pic?

Also I noticed 2 polished marks on the flywheel at is close to but to me doesnt seem exactly TDC in relation to the coil. Is that correct? Is there a stock mark and arrow for TDC or do I need to put a dial indicator onto the piston through the plug hole?


Is this a 206? I’m assuming from the 6100 rpm coil that it is. Have you had the flywheel off?

If not, dont worry about timing. Set “legs 2 and 4” in your picture to 0.016 and put her back together.

Hi Derek,
This is a 2021 B&S Animal, which I understand to be a LO206? The standard motor for Briggs Cadet and Junior here in Ontario. Thanks for the reply, thats exactly the help I was hoping for. I didnt plan on taking the flywheel off as I wasnt experiencing any specific problems but now that I see the 4 leg gap was so far off I am wondering if I should check the timing too? Maybe that was sloppy at the factory or has shifted over the motor’s 30 hours/20 races?

Thanks again!

Unless you sheered a key (you did not unless you are having some very bad performance), the timing will be fine. On new engines, I find that the gap is not perfectly controlled from briggs. We check/set it on every engine for our customers. Set it now, check it in a race or two as to know it hasn’t moved and it will stay there for a long time.