LO206 Engine Builders Familiar with G&J Kartway

I was on 19/73 in masters, as well. Ron is right, his driving sucks so dont ask him. :wink:


@fatboy1dh and @Ronald_Swift are on the money for gearing there. I always run that ratio, give or take a tooth.

I was on a 15/58 when I ran a 45.3. I would just barely touch the limiter on the back straight. I’m assuming it’s quicker to not hit the limiter at this track?

During practice yesterday on the 2b configuration, I ran a 46.2 or 46.4 with a 16/62, with older tires. I would hit the limiter basically from the very start of turn one and keep it floored halfway through the sweeper until I start trail braking.

No way the smaller clutch driver matters?
What was everyones carburetor settings for the colder weather?
During first practice I pulled out of the grid and the engine fell flat on its face, same as all the race starts even when hitting the gas early to compensate for lack of power.

I always run .860 and clip 3 with airbleed 1.5 turns out. 30° or 95° wet or dry…

I hit the limiter quite a bit there at a 3.86 at 390#

Look at your clutch?

Need to clean your jets. Falling on its face on start and take off is a plugged idle jet. And I’m with Burpo, I dont touch my carb from Jan weather to July weather.


I’ll take a look at the jets. I’ll also take up your offer on taking the engine to Ghost if you’re already going there. I’ll come find you this weekend, where are you usually pitted?

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Definitely. I’ll be at Ghost Racing to drop it off to Derich and Nick on Monday. They’ll take good care of you and I’ll get it delivered no problem.

I’m out in the free section. Blue truck grey trailer. I’ll come up and introduce myself when I see you.

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Awesome thank you, I’ll try to find you as well.

Edit: Topkart #35

This, all of this… is absolutely true.

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I’d hate to bump this thread but I (embarrassingly) had an intake gasket (carb spacer?) leak. Figures i didn’t think about getting those bolts really tight on race day. I couldn’t make it to race 2 to see if it did any better anyways. Shipped it off to Ghost today. Now I won’t have any excuses!