Lo206 float height - 14* engine mount

Anyone have a baseline float height suggestion for a 206 on a 14* mount? Or know how much of an adjustment should be made if changing from a 8* mount to a 14* mount

My first thought is to go lower by about 20 thousandth ( 860 down to 840 ) to accommodate the extra tilt, but it’s really just a guess

I’m always puzzled by this notion that the angle of the mount makes a difference. Then again, someone here will likely eviscerate my and have a masters thesis on why it does…

My logic is that the float exists in a dynamic environment, meaning that fuel comes and goes in the bowl, and flows constantly. To me that flow and what affects it is much more relevant than the angle at which it sits on your workbench.

Furthermore, at no point in a lap is that float really at the height you set it at on the workbench; the use environment is way too violent to permit that.

So, my conclusion has been that for the most part the float height you’ll land at will essentially be the same.

Maybe you are more advanced than this video, but I found it helpful for understanding the adjustment of float height. Motor angle isn’t specifically addressed, but he does mention adjusting the carb to be level to the point of keeping the intake passage open.

I hear what you’re saying, but +- 20 thousands either side of the “sweet spot” makes a difference, especially when you’re trying to be leaner at the top end without being too lean.
My theory is that since we’ve now changed how the float sits in the bowl of fuel, an adjustment to the baseline should be made. I just don’t know by how much, or if any really.

I’ve seen this before, great video!

When we built engines, we did not change float heights for different engine mount angles. I would never argue that there is no difference. However, I would argue that the difference is unknown and negligible (especially when measured dynamically on the track).

A couple of questions for reference to my way of thinking:
Does any engine builder ask you what mount you are using before building your engine?
Do you change float height when going to a track where every corner is banked by 6 more degrees?


I believe this has been discussed in the past. TLDR; it really does not matter enough to worry about.


I swear I did a search before posting this question and didn’t see this post.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

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