LO206 + Fumoto (or equivalent) drain valve size?

Figured if I’m going to be doing regular oil changes, I might as well make life easier on myself. Does anyone know the correct quick-drain valve to buy from Fumoto for the LO206? I’m guessing it’d be the F107N w/ ADP-710 adapter (1/4" NPT fitting?), but would rather order correctly.


Wish I had an answer, but here’s a nudge for your topic.

Welp, if NPT 1/4"-18 is the right fitting, then the EZ-oil EZ-115 should work – 1-piece rather than futzing with a Fumoto adapter.

Alternatively, anybody know the NPT fitting size for the oil drain plug?

In case anyone finds this later … it didn’t work. EZ-115 is labeled as NPT 1/4"-18, but the outer diameter is more like 7/16", way too big. Oh well.

Woke up for a server alert (database admin) and I could not sleep, so I’d thought I’d give this a go…

A quick search found this page: 206 | Racing Engines | Briggs Racing

It lists it as…
Oil Drain Plug 3/8” 100-125 lb-in. (11-14 Nm)

Most likely 3/8"-18 NPT as that seems to be the most common for small engines. For EZ-Oil then, this:

3/8"npt. has an outside dia. of 0.675". Pipe threads e.g. npt.bsp. are sized on the bore of the pipe rather than the o.d.
PS. I don’t understand electrics lol.