Lo206 Gearing, why do you use what you use? (#219 vs. #35)

So when I first entered this world of Lo206, when ordering my parts, everything was #219. Now I’ll admit, when I’m at the track I’m usually an anomaly as everyone seems to be on #35 chain and gears. Which I find funny when someone asks me what gear I’m on, and I tell them, and they have that momentary pause/ confused look on their face before realizing I’m on a #219.

But now I’m setting up two different karts for my daughters, and I’m not oppose to going #35, but at this point I’m so heavily invested in #219 my inclination is to (Go wrong-Stay wrong) UNLESS there is an advantage to going #35 that I’m not considering?

Short answer is: stick with what you know/have. No reason to switch.

206 chain history: 10 years ago everyone started on 35 because that’s what 4 cycle had historically been (and it’s cheaper).

5ish years ago, the 219 really started to gain popularity. 2 advantages:

  1. It’s lighter, perceived acceleration advantage.
  2. Allows smaller gear adjustments.

Over the last 2 years, 35 has started to make a comeback at the top level. There was some thoughts around low end torque transmission.

Honestly, I have never seen or felt a difference. We have run 35 forever. I just switched to 219 when I went to the lefty chassis because now I can run 1 piece sprockets.

Like I said, pick one. Stick with it. Or, be like some of the crazies I race with and bring both sets to the track so you can switch back and forth to change your gear ratio 0.01 :roll_eyes:


Do you think #35 chains and gears last longer than #219?

My casual observation is that the #35 seems to last longer…

Neither wears considerably faster than the other. Casually, I would agree with James, but not enough to let that weigh in on my decision.

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My 219 chain lasted 13 months, which is not terrible IMHO. I just switched to a DiD Japanese 219 chain so we’ll see if I get more life out of it?

A part of me likes being on a 219. Someone will ask me what gear I’m on, so I tell them, and I watch them develop a confused look, lol.

Video on chains still have not got around to sprockets but I run 219 for a reason.