LO206 hard to pull start and won’t hit RPM

I did a leak down test on my sons engine and found that the pressure drop was at 30%. So I decided to move his stuff over to my engine.

My leak down came back at about 7%. I was running a 7100 coil so I had to put his 6100 on it and then I checked and set the valve lash to .002 and reassembled.

Now the pull cord is extremely hard. It will fire up, but when I am giving it gas on the stand it won’t get past 4500 rpm or so. I have no idea where to start trouble shooting without just tearing everything back down. Any suggestions would help.

Recheck lash (Again)? Rotate past TDC a little to make sure it’s off the compression release.

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Every hard to pull 206 I have had has been lash falling out of adjustment

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I agree. Where was the air leaking on the first motor? Crankcase or valve?

Thanks for the advice. The air was leaking out of the bottom end. I was able to reset the lash and that fixed the hart to start issue. Reset the carb again and everything worked as it should.