LO206 motor mount trouble

I have a 2017 tony kart 401, I recently bought a briggs Lo206, I need help finding a motor mount that will give me enough clearance to fit the engine, Any help is appreciated

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JTP and Ordenthal make awesome 206 mounts!

Odenthal EZ Set… Period.

I fit an LO206 on a 2016 TonyKart Racer 401 with an Odenthal mount and a Hilliard Flame Inferno clutch without any cutting of the frame or excessive engine offset. Seat has to be spaced-out to the left, and I’d advise using fiberglass to laminate a nickel into the seat right where the crankshaft can hit it as the seat flexes.

This was a very competitive setup and I won a couple of races on it.

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Ordenthal Mount and Hillard Flame Inferno clutch on my Lo206, zero fitment issues.

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When you got your odenrhal mount did you get the euro clamps or the regular ones?

I had standard ones, but I’d use a Euro one for the front clamp because it can exert more force before deflecting the tube than the standard one.