Lo206 muffler location

So the last race I got pulled into tech ( second place ) . They pulled the muffler checked the baffles…that’s okay passed no worries.
But when I installed the muffler I got thinking, how far should I push the muffler on the pipe? I put it back where it was and went on racing. I’m I missing some torque here…let me know.

Pretty sure I was told it should slip on 1.5”. I learned this the hard way after getting my kid dq’d because we had it on too far to clear the bumper. Apparently the further you push it on, the slower it is too.

Thanks Jim, I’ve never seen a rule on it but it must effect the torque band of the engine.

To my knowledge there isn’t a formal rule, but you don’t want to push it because the engine vibrates so much it’s not uncommon for the muffler to come loose of the clamp unless it has appreciable material to clamp onto.

Moving it up or down on the main pipe somewhat affects the powerband in the same way adjusting flex length affects power, but to a much less noticeable degree.

Thank you sir,
Trying to use every bit of knowledge I can get to gain every pound of torque.
Two races left in the season and everything matters.
Just checking to see if I’m on the right track…pulling the muffler away from the engine gives you more torque? ??

Theoretically it gives you more “top end”, but again I think with a Briggs unless you’re in a controlled dyno room it would be nearly impossible to notice the difference.

I didn’t think so, but with this class you reallllllly have to pay attention to the details. Our LO206 club racers far exceed the 2 cycle entries. Tomorrow is race 3 of the fall championship so we will see.
Thanks again

Yep that’s it… Shorter… emphasis on top, Longer, emphasis on bottom.

But you can go too far as well… So I guess in the case of the 206, that shorter length is out of the range of efficiency based on other factors at play.