LO206 Mychron 5s 2T - temp sensors

Hi folks,

Couldn’t find a mychron 5s, only the 2t with the two temp sensors included. Since there’s no water on a 206 i went with the cylinder head temp (CHT) probe and exhaust gas temp (EGT) probe for my probes.

I understand that if I remove the spark plug ring I am infringing lo206 rules, and if I leave it and just stack the sensor in there my plug is removed from the combustion chamber by the thickness of the sensor ~1-2mm.
So that’s kinda useless for races but an older plug without a ring works great for getting some data in practice. ( Mind you I’m collecting the data to get to know my engine better, understand that there’s no practical use but I have the sensor so I want to play with it… Bear with me plz)

I can’t find much info on this for LO206. instructions suggest mounting 150mm from engine face in the exhaust pipe.
My questions:
Does installing this (welding it into the exhaust pipe) infringe on LO206 rules? I couldn’t find any definite info
What can I use the sensor for if not exhaust temp?

I’d like to run some temp sensors as I will be racing in 110F + temps next season and want to make sure I know how long I can stay out for without burning my machine up. Even if it just for practice to get the data that lets me make better decisions in races/longer practice etc

Thanks for getting to here, appreciate your input!!


Yes, EGT sensors are illegal in 206 rules. It is considered modification to the exhaust pipe.

Your understanding of CHT usage is spot on. I would encourage you to use EGT in the same manner. Have a “practice day” pipe with a bung in it. Use it to get to know your engine, kart, track, gearing, etc. Then, on race day, put your legal pipe on.


Appreciate the info, thanks for confirming!

2T is a 2 stroke thing, not allowed to run two sensors in LO206.

Welcome to KP BTW, this place is a gold mine. . . .