Lo206 not starting, checked valve lash

Recently got a used 206 for a kid kart and having trouble getting it started. Totally new to 4 strokes. I was told it was sitting for a year so I figured I would pull the carb apart. I have replaced the main jet, pilot jet and imulsion tube because they looked a bit corroded. Still cant get it to start unless I spray a bit of starter fluid in it. Pump looks like its getting fuel to the carb. I pulled the valve cover and I believe I got it to TDC compression stroke with both valves closed, I can not even get a .0015 feeler gauge in between the rocker and valve. Could that be causing my issue?

No, if it will run on starting fluid, it is definitely fuel related. You probably have a passageway gummed up. Did you take the needle out of the seat and clean it as well? Take the carb apart again and re-clean.

Ok will soak the carb some more. What’s everyone use to clean out the carb?

Agree with @fatboy1dh possible still dirty if it sat that long.

You mention it seems to be getting gas. Take the line off the carb and pull engine over and confirm pump is pumping.

When ever our carbs sat for more than a couple weeks, even with no gas in them, I always fully cleaned carb. The gas we use is junk. It looks at a 206 carb and it gums up. LOL

Pick up a cheap harbor freight ultrasonic cleaner. I made it a routine when deep cleaning kart. Pull the carb and bits out of it, clean with carb cleaner and throw it in the ultrasonic and run a couple cycles while you are going over the kart cleaning and checking over. Spray off with carb cleaner again to remove possible soap/cleaner residue. Blow out with compressor.

My process is overkill but promise you won’t have issues.

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Don is spot on. This is the only fool proof way. You dont HAVE to do it this way, but if you do you will never have problems.

Hopefully this is the cleaner you are referring to? Picked one up this afternoon and will use it this weekend. Whats solution are using in the unit?

Dan, I used that cleaner with some orange color ZEP cleaner. Worked like a charm. Let it run and just before the timer is up I would use a cheap paint brush to knock off the last bit of grime.